1. I just realized that Ray Bradbury wasn’t here to watch the landing


    And now I’m sad.

    The thing that makes me more sad is that he almost made it..he almost lived long enough to witness this moment.

    Dear Mr Bradbury,

    I really, really wish that you could witness the landing wherever you are right now.

    You are dearly missed.


    Your great admirer

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  3. On Embracing a Schedule When I Don’t Necessarily Have To

    I am unemployed. Between jobs. Seeking employment. Call it what you like. God knows I do when I try to dance around the fact that no one will hire me. The fact remains that the majority of my time is entirely un-managed. I wake when it pleases me unless interrupted, do whatever I feel I need to do in as little time as I can, and spend the rest of the day doing whatever tasks pop up, or job searching, or writing, or sitting around in a puddle of self loathing.

    This is obviously not the best way to spend my time, especially when I’m trying to make writing and regular exercise habits and not obligations. My days are a morass of chores, loafing, writing, and dead air. It’s a very discouraging existence.

    I’ve decided, starting tomorrow, to attempt to create a schedule for myself. In my notebook, I’ve made two proto schedules. The second is more forgiving and condensed, and I think I’ll use that one.